When will my pre-order ship?

For pre-orders purchased online please see product description for pre-order expected delivery dates.

Could you tie dye my own blanks/ garments?

Yes we can certainly dye your own blanks. Email us at info@customcolorsapparel.com to find out pricing, sampling, turn around times and  if your blanks are a good for dyeing.

Are all our tie dyes done by hand in the USA?

All our tie dyes are done by hand here in Los Angeles California by experienced professionals with over 25 years in the tie dye garment dye industry. We pride ourselves in doing our part to keeping jobs in the USA.

Do we have minimum order requirements for productions?

 For wholesale minimum order purchases, inquires and price lists email us at  info@customcolorsapparel.com

Do you make custom dyes & tie dye patterns?

Yes we certainly offer custom dyes and tie dye patterns. We could dye to match Pantones, swatches and even other garments. If you have a reference sample we could match that too. Custom tie dye patterns are our specialty. We could image mock ups, photo images and reference samples. 

What kind of dyes do we use?
We use low impact fiber reactive dyes. These type of dyes do not contain metals such as chrome, copper, zinc and do not require toxic chemical agents to bind the dye to the fabric fibers. These type of dyes also do not require as much water during the dyeing and extracting process which in turn also helps creates a smaller foot print on the environment.