Custom Dye Rules and Polices

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
Garment dye solid colors
Less than 25 pounds minimum $75.00
minimum less than 25 pounds $75.00 per color and
$65.00 per sample.
Tie dyes, dip dyes and novelty washes MOQ 150 units per style.
Turn Times
Samples 2-3 business days.
Dye Production 5-10 business days depending on volume. 
Accepted Pantone Codes
Pantone C Coated book
TPG Pantone book
Damages during the dye process are to be expected. Industry standard for garment dye is 3%. For tie dyes and novelty washes fallout industry standard is 5%. We will be responsible for Damages exceeding these quantities. We can repair, refund or redo the units at client’s discretion. It’s recommended to always order 2-3 additional units per size when doing production.
Upon receiving your order, it is the clients / receiver’s responsibility to inspect the garments and report any damages or shortages within 7 business days. After 7 business from the delivery date Custom Colors Apparel will not be responsible for any order or quality discrepancies.